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There are a wide range of reasons our clients purchase custom T-shirts and unique apparel items.  They could be planning a stag and doe, or a 50th birthday party.  Maybe they are putting a team together to join a competition, play in a sports league like baseball or soccer, or host a special event like a fundraiser or charity.  They could own a business, play in a band, or even have their own personal art they would like to see on the latest style of T-shirt.


Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, with no surprises.  This is our #1 focus! We take the time and effort to ask the right questions.  To us, you are a name, a face, and someone we want to impress by offering the best customer experience imaginable!


You might want a specific t-shirt or specific material...  With our help, you can "feel" a sample of the item before you order it!


What about the size of the logo or the location where it will be placed??  We provide a visual "paper proof" for your approval prior to ordering.


With lots of on-line options out there that may seem cheap... you can never be sure of what you are paying for.  With us, you can be confident in the product you are buying!



Branding of the T-shirt or custom apparel

The traditional screen printing process is great for one colour or multiple colour art work and tends to work on a variety of garment materials


The embroidered look, either sewn directly on the garment, or produced as a patch which is then sewn to the garment, gives the art work depth for that classic look. 


The heat transfer process is one of the quickest decorating processes there is!  Taking only seconds to apply, the result is a clean, crisp, sharp looking logo.  Great for colour matching and accommodating multiple colours, this is one of our favorite branding options.


Other branding processes include laser etching, infusion, sublimation, and embossing and debossing. All have their specific qualities that make each process stand out from the other. These processes are typically used on larger orders where bigger runs are required due to the time, effort and equipment used to achieve the finished product.


If you have an idea for a custom shirt for work or play... We can help bring it to life with one of these great branding options!


Thanks for reading!

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